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Tara has worked in the NHS, the charity sector and the corporate sector; working with adults, older adults and adolescents. She has worked with people facing difficult life challenges, relationship issues, emotional difficulties and a wide spectrum of problems that many of us encounter at some point in our lives. In addition Tara has more than 10 years clinical experience working with people who have more complex presentations, diagnosed with severe mental health issues, personality disorders, eating disorders, chronic health issues and people who have been victims of abuse.

What is therapy?

People come to therapy to talk about anything which might be troubling them. Therapy is a helping relationship which supports and guides you to make changes, overcome difficult feelings and move forward in your life. Here are some examples of the kind of issues someone might bring to therapy:

  • Overwhelming feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, jealousy, stress, guilt or other 'negative' emotions
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Marital problems
  • Dealing with divorce/separation
  • Managing life changes and transitions
  • Coming to terms with illness or difficult circumstances
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Difficulties with eating and food
  • Addictions or bad habits
  • Family issues
  • Coping with adolescence
  • Coping with aging
  • Mental health issues
  • Managing conflict 
  • Work stress

This list is by no means comprehensive. If you are struggling with something else and would like to know if I can help, please use the contact form or methods listed below.

Each therapist will have their own views and ways of working. It is important to find a therapist who you feel confident to work with and to ensure that you understand their approach. I have outlined some of key aspects of therapy from my perspective so that you can get an idea of what our work together will be like.

The therapy I offer is about:

Identifying 'blind spots':

Sometimes it is hard for us to understand how we have found ourselves in the situations and difficulties we encounter. Blind spots are aspects of our own thoughts, feelings, behaviours or beliefs which might be contributing towards the problem in ways that we cannot see. My role is to highlight these blind spots for you and help you to identify areas where you can make changes. Over time this process can help you to become more self-aware and increase your confidence in your ability deal with life's challenges.

Engaging with difficult feelings:

No one likes to experience 'negative' emotions. However pushing away difficult feelings, experiences and memories can do us harm and impact on our lives and our relationships. Therapy is a space where we can gently turn towards difficult feelings with support and guidance. We can learn how to cope and live with 'negative' emotions. The result is that we develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. 

Relationship building:

Many people come to therapy to talk about difficulties in their relationships. This might refer to marriages, romantic relationships, families, friendships, work relationships, issues with sex or sexuality, social anxiety, social isolation or feelings of loneliness and disconnection. Therapy is a space where we can work out together what's been happening. You can receive support to build on your relationship skills, manage conflict and understand boundaries. Therapy can be seen as a practice space to try out different ways of handling things. In the therapy room we can learn how to change relationship dynamics and improve the quality of your connections with the people in your life.

A space to think and reflect:

Our lives can feel so busy that we aren't always able to take stock or pause to process what is happening. This can lead to feeling that we are living on "autopilot", not always aware of why we say or do the things we do. Therapy is a space to slow down and make sense of things. It provides the opportunity to make more deliberate, conscious choices and increase your awareness and understanding of yourself.

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Tara offers psychotherapy sessions via video, telephone and instant messaging. 

Tara is not currently taking on new face-to-face clients, although this may change in the near future.

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Please get in touch. You are welcome to ask questions or refer yourself for private therapy. If you provide a contact number I can call you to discuss and make arrangements. Alternatively please use my mobile number to call or text, or email me using the details provided. I look forward to hearing from you.